SADC Violates Its Liberal Democratic Principles with Eswatini Response

Despite regime’s brutality the regional organisation has failed to condemn it and has shown little solidarity with activists.The political tides are changing in Eswatini as the country’s monarchy faces increasing public resistance. Over recent months ...

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Afrocentric Conceptions of Conflict Transformation: Beyond Ubuntu Mythology and Romantic Traditionalism

Peacebuilding is an overtly political act laden with sociocultural assumptions, preferences and values. It is also an act impelled by the geoeconomic and geopolitical considerations of both the protagonists and some “invisible hands” with a ...

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Locating Peace within the Justice Agenda: The Case of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy

This paper discusses the African Union Transitional Justice Policy as a case study that locates peace within the justice agenda in Africa, drawing from the rich, three-decade-long practice and experience of transitional justice processes on ...

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Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Africa Must Include Impacts of Climate Crisis

When climate change impacts affect people’s access to the natural resources they rely on ­— such as water, timber and land for crops — it strains relations within and across social groups. Social cohesion is ...

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Navigating Covid-19 through a Peacebuilding Lens

This webinar presents Africa-based practitioners' perspectives on navigating the pandemic through as peacebuilding lens.

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Forging a Resilient Social Contract in South Africa

Since the advent of democracy in the 1990s, the South African political settlement has ushered into policy a progressive framework for the realization of socio-economic rights, enshrined by the Constitution. However, this political settlement has ...

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