Political Violence

Post Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Alternative Prosecution Policy Framework for Political Violence of the Past

This framework document is an attempt by CSVR, in association with other stakeholders, to formulate a prosecution policy regarding past political violence. The document covers background to CSVR's alternative prosecution framework, general benefits and challenges ...

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Justice Denied: Political Violence in KwaZulu-Natal After 1994

The Violence and Transition Series is a product of an extensive research project conducted by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) into the nature and extent of violence during South Africa’s ...

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Some Preliminary Ideas About the Meaning of Inkatha Violence for Children Living in Alexandra

This paper reflects on a project set up to explore, amongst other aspects, the impact of the ongoing, high levels of political violence on school children living in Alexandra township.

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Political Violence: 1990

This paper analyses political violence in 1990, touching on its definition, costs, role of youth and 'third force' arguments.

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The Indirect Effects of Political Violence on Children: Does Violence Beget Violence?

This paper addresses itself to the concerns that have been voiced about the effect of years of exposure to high levels of political violence on South Africa's children. It responds to evidence that exposure to ...

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