Pre Democracy

Political Violence: 1990

This paper analyses political violence in 1990, touching on its definition, costs, role of youth and 'third force' arguments.

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For the Sake of Our Lives: Guidelines for the Creation of People's Self-Defence Units

This paper seeks to introduce the idea of forming alternative defence structures in the wake of the violence unleashed against citizens by security forces, vigilante groups and hit squads in the 1990s.

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The Role of Violence in State Security Strategies 1984-88

The focus of this paper is state violence. It is argued that South African state security strategy in the period 1984-1988 was characterised by an increasing violence which was sanctioned by law. This violence was ...

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The Politics and Economics of the Armaments Industry in South Africa

In August 1986, JGJ van Vuuren, chief executive of Armscor, when interviewed about his upbringing and the background to his involvement in the armaments industry in South Africa, commented: My childhood was one of clay-pellet ...

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