Psychosocial Support

Forced Migration: A Transitional Justice Issue

This research brief presents recommendations for integrating forced migration and its victims into transitional justice processes. Based on research conducted in partnership with forced migrant communities in The Gambia, Sudan, Syria, and Bangladesh/Myanmar, the recommendations ...

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Migration Forcée: Une Question de Justice Transitionnelle

Ce sommaire de recherche présente des recommandations pour intégrer la migration forcée et ses victimes dans les processus de justice transitionnelle. Basées sur des recherches menées en partenariat avec des communautés de migrants forcés en ...

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Migración Forzada: Un Problema de Justicia Transicional

Este informe de investigación presenta recomendaciones para integrar la migración forzada y sus víctimas en los procesos de justicia transicional. Sobre la base de las investigaciones realizadas en asociación con comunidades de migrantes forzados en ...

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الهجرة القسرية: قضية عدالة انتقالية

يقدم موجز البحث هذا توصيات لدمج الهجرة القسرية وضحاياها في عمليات العدالة الانتقالية. استناداً إلى البحث الذي تم إجراؤه بالشراكة مع مجتمعات المهاجرين قسريا في غامبيا والسودان وسوريا وبنغلاديش / ميانمار، تقدم التوصيات إرشادات لصانعي السياسات الوطنيين ...

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Guidelines for Clinical Work with Migrant African Families Affected by Complex and Continuous Traumas

CSVR has worked with families since the early 1990s, providing direct MHPSS interventions and developing professional insights into the lived experiences of vulnerable groups affected by violence and the intersection of vulnerabilities such as nationality, ...

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BLENDED VOICES: Building an Understanding of Torture, War Trauma & Violence through an African Lens

Between October 2020 and March 2021, CSVR hosted an online symposium entitled ‘Blended Voices: Building an Understanding of Torture, War Trauma and Violence Through an African Lens’. The Blended Voices symposium emerged from the extensive ...

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