Psychosocial Support

The Land of Milk and Honey: A Picture of Refugee Torture Survivors Presenting for Treatment in a South African Trauma Centre

The paper attempts to paint a clearer picture of the bio-psycho-social state of torture survivors accessing services in South Africa, while highlighting many of the contextual challenges which impact on recovery. It draws on intake ...

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Profiling Torture 2: Addressing Torture and Its Consequences in South Africa

The Trauma and Transition Programme (TTP) was set up by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) to offer counselling services to victims of violence and torture. This report looks at 2009 ...

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Counsellors' Appraisals of the Wits Trauma Counselling Model: Strengths and Limitations

This paper presents counsellors' appraisals of the Wits Trauma Counselling Model which is used for the treatment of psychological trauma. The study was conducted with counsellors working at the Trauma Clinic of the Centre for ...

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Dealing with the Past and the Psychology of Reconciliation: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a Psychological Perspective

This paper focuses on the potentially numerous traumatised individuals who will come in contact with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). It focuses exclusively on the psychological implications of the TRC and the process of ...

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Psychology in a Future South Africa: The Need for a National Psychology Development Programme

This research was part of a continuing process aimed at developing the psychological profession into one which contributes meaningfully to the context in which it is situated, as well as into one which is taken ...

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The Development of an Appropriate Psychology: The Work of the Organisation of Appropriate Social Services in South Africa

This paper seeks to address the question of what is an appropriate psychology in South Africa and the Organisation for Appropriate Social Services in South Africa (OASSSA) contribution to it. Work within OASSSA takes a ...

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