New Book – Transitional Justice: Theories, Mechanisms and Debates

The book presents the broad scope of transitional justice studies through a focus on the theory, mechanisms and debates in the area, covering such topics as:The origin, context and development of transitional justice Victims, ...

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Forging a Resilient Social Contract in South Africa

Since the advent of democracy in the 1990s, the South African political settlement has ushered into policy a progressive framework for the realization of socio-economic rights, enshrined by the Constitution. However, this political settlement has ...

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Reconciliation Day: Tracking Unity Trends in South Africa

This Reconciliation Day interview explores how far South Africa has come in fostering unity.

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Tunisia: The Colonial Legacy and Transitional Justice

Following the 2011 Revolution ending over five decades of dictatorship, Tunisia embarked on a comprehensive transitional justice process to investigate a broad range of state violations against its citizens, including false imprisonment, torture, assassination as ...

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Nigeria: The Colonial Legacy and Transitional Justice

This report provides an overview of the legacies of colonisation and demonstrates its impact on transitional justice in Nigeria. It argues that the current injustices in Nigeria are strongly connected to the country’s colonial history. ...

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Accountability and National Reconciliation in South Africa

This paper offers an exploration of the state of accountability and reconciliation in South Africa, calling for a look not only at the agenda and impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission but also at ...

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