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The increasing role of African youth in political transformations and conflicts in the African continent is inevitably linked to the demographic reality that Africa is a continent of the Youth. This increasing role is also attributable to the capacity of mass mobilisation through new technology of information and communication, notably social media. This report examines approaches for including young people in the design and implementation of transitional justice processes in Africa.  

24 Oct 2017

This is a submission to the department of correctional services by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) regarding the issue of prison labour. The submission gives a brief history of the use of prison labour in South Africa and its racist underpinnings, as well as the current nature of prison labour. The submission discusses the rights of prisoners and the current legislative framework governing prison labour. It then makes several recommendations in light of this history and legal context.  

01 Mar 2010

This report aims to evaluate Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission against its own objectives and in the context of the comparative experiences of truth commissions in other countries. The research is based on primary and secondary source material on the Ghanaian process as well as 14 interviews conducted with local civil society representatives in Ghana in September 2005. This was supplemented with follow up correspondence as well as discussions with those involved with truth commissions in other countries.  

Nahla Valji
02 Jan 2006

This is a report prepared for the Victim Offender Conferencing Project (VOC) , August 2004. The report reviews the cases dealt with during the 2002/03 year, compares them with cases mediated in the previous two years, and reviews whether these cases did indeed fulfill the expectations of testing VOC with more serious cases and domestic violence.  

Amanda Dissel
02 Aug 2004

This paper analyses the Victim Offender Conferencing (VOC) model, which aims to mediate between victim and offender in cases of domestic violence. This research paper is concerned with determining the impact of mediation in domestic violence cases, particularly from the viewpoint of the female victim. The paper aims to determine the extent to which the women's needs had sufficiently been taken into account, both during the mediation and afterwards, as well as looking at how the mediation itself was handled. The researchers contacted 21 women who had completed the mediation. A 45 minute telephonic interview was held with the women…

Amanda Dissel and Kindisa Ngubeni
01 Jul 2003

This is a report on the second phase of a Victim Offender Conferencing (VOC) project, which attempts to mediate between victims and offenders of crime. During this phase, the VOC project ran in three magisterial districts in Gauteng and one in the North West Province. This report looks at the cases that were referred to the project, describing their nature, the parties involved, and how they were resolved.  

Amanda Dissel
01 Apr 2003
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