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Drawing on examples from African truth commissions, this policy brief presents recommendations for better enabling accountability, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence for conflict-related sexual violence. Written for policy makers and practitioners working towards holistic transitional justice in Africa, the brief shows how to improve truth-seeking and truth-telling processes to promote lasting redress for victims/survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, with a focus on truth commission mandates, operations, final reports, and recommendations.  

07 Feb 2024

This paper discusses the social circumstances surrounding both sex and violence amongst male inmates of South African prisons, and in particular, the apparently common convergence between the two – when sex is forced or performed in an act of violence. Data was gathered primarily through in-depth interviews and in-depth focus groups with ex-prisoners and current prisoners.  

Sasha Gear and Kindisa Ngubeni
19 Dec 2002
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