Social Cohesion

The State is Failing in its Duty to Foster Inclusion and Safety of the LGBTIQ+ Community

South Africa’s crime stats do not show the vulnerability of certain sections of our society, including LGBTIQ+ people. By not providing effective reporting and analysis of violence against them, their needs and challenges are again ...

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Research Brief: What Drives Violence in South Africa

This research brief outlines the literature on drivers of violence in South Africa and then puts it in context by summarising views on violence among community members who work with CSVR in four local communities. ...

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Women's Contribution to Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention Through the Community Work Programme

This policy brief looks at the prominent role (older) women play in the Community Work Programme (CWP). Focusing on women participants’ involvement in community work and local social networks, it demonstrates their contribution to building ...

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Working for Safety: The Community Work Programme as a Tool for Preventing Violence and Building Safer Communities

The Community Work Programme (CWP) provides two days of work per week (up to 100 days per year) to unemployed and underemployed people. During the year April 2014 to March 2015 there were 202 599 ...

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The Community Work Programme in Kagiso

This report forms part of a study on the role of the Community Work Programme (CWP), a South African public employment initiative, in violence prevention. Through an analysis of extensive quotes from local stakeholders, the ...

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Facilitating or Hindering Social Cohesion? The Impact of the Community Work Programme in Selected South African Townships

This article discusses the effects of a public employment initiative known as the Community Work Program (CWP) on social cohesion in South Africa. The article is based on research that investigated the impact of the ...

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