South African Psychology

Psychology and the Community: Issues to Consider in a Changing South Africa

This paper examines the structural and social base of mainstream psychology and argues that rather than abandon it, a process of professional introspection and structural modification is required. The development of "community", or "culture-specific" practice ...

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The Indirect Effects of Political Violence on Children: Does Violence Beget Violence?

This paper addresses itself to the concerns that have been voiced about the effect of years of exposure to high levels of political violence on South Africa's children. It responds to evidence that exposure to ...

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Psychology, Mental Health Care and the Future: Is Appropriate Transformation in a Future South Africa Possible?

The last few years of South African psychology have seen increasing debate about the link between psychology, politics and apartheid. The debate has primarily revolved around whether one can practice psychology and avoid politics. The ...

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Growing Up in Violent Situations: The South African Situation

The author discusses the topic of growing up in violent situations from a number of perspectives. Firstly, she gives a psychological perspective to the notion of resilience, invulnerability or stress resistance, as she thinks that ...

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