Study on the Violent Nature of Crime

Integrating Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation into Policy-Oriented Research: Lessons from CSVR's Urban Violence Project

In line with its commitment to incorporating learning into its monitoring and evaluation practices, in 2013 CSVR introduced developmental evaluation based on facilitated learning exercises into one of its research projects. The Urban Violence project ...

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Preventing Crime Through Work and Wages: The Impact of the Community Work Programme

The article offers an analysis of the potential impact of the Community Work Programme (CWP), a public employment initiative, on crime and violence. The CWP may have an impact on crime and violence through a ...

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Leaving the Gangster Things to the Boys Growing Up Now: Young Men, Physical Violence, and Structural Violence in Post-Transition South Africa

This paper examines the intersection of physical violence, structural violence, and masculinity through the life history narrative of a 20-year-old man exiting an informal gang in Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town. Beginning and remaining ...

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Anger, Hatred, or Just Heartlessness? Defining Gratuitous Violence

Violent crime in South Africa is sometimes said to be unusual, because it is perceived to frequently be gratuitous. This article engages with the question of how to define gratuitous violence. It also analyses whether ...

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Does Anyone in Charge Care About Violence?

Two years after the completion of a substantial study into violent crime in SA, the government has still not shown any constructive response, writes David Bruce. The government has been far more responsive to the violence ...

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Press Release: Nothing New? The Study on the Violent Nature of Crime

1. The CSVR crime study is of considerable value in taking forward the debate about how to respond to violent crime.  The overall ‘integrated view’ of key aspects of the problem of violence is an ...

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