Torture and State Violence

The South African Police: Managers of Conflict or Party to the Conflict?

This paper discusses the role of the South African Police during instances of civil unrest. It first provides a definition of violence and then proceeds to call for a definition of the term "violence" which ...

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State Violence: A Study in Repression

This paper reflects on the multitude of effects of repression in security management, security legislation, vigilantes, hit squads and ending state violence.

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The Psychology of Torture

This paper looks to define torture and those that experience it. It emphasizes that torture destroys the voice of the victim, while censorship destroys the voice of those who might speak on her behalf. Torture ...

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The Role of Violence in State Security Strategies 1984-88

The focus of this paper is state violence. It is argued that South African state security strategy in the period 1984-1988 was characterised by an increasing violence which was sanctioned by law. This violence was ...

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