Transitional Justice

Policing South Africa: Reform and Prospects

The most significant police reform initiatives of the post-De Klerk period were the South African Police's Strategic Plan and the National Peace Accord provisions on policing. This paper evaluates these provisions, and critically assesses the ...

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Proposal for International and Local Monitoring in the Transition

This proposal sets out guidelines for monitoring of political violence in the immediate future. The proposal covers both local (domestic) and international monitoring agencies. While monitoring is often assumed to refer to all aspects related ...

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Policing the Periphery: Police and Society in South Africa's 'Homelands'

This working paper attempts to account for the character of the police forces in the homelands. It also briefly sets out some of the issues to be addressed in the process of re-incorporating (re-integrating) the ...

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The Limits of Police Reform

Dramatic developments in South African politics since mid-1991 put the spotlight on the critical role of the security forces in a transitional period of reform. Previous issues include media revelations of collusion between the security ...

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The Myth of Rehabilitation

This paper suggests that rehabilitation is the process which makes it possible for an institutionalised and ostracised individual to function as a responsible citizen by enabling him to exercise his rights to meet his obligations. ...

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The Psychology of Torture

This paper looks to define torture and those that experience it. It emphasizes that torture destroys the voice of the victim, while censorship destroys the voice of those who might speak on her behalf. Torture ...

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