Trauma and Transition

Leading for Healing Programme for the Social Justice Sector

CSVR invites you to attend a programme briefing on Friday 14th October 2022 for potential participants in our Leading for Healing capacity and resilience building programme. This programme, made possible by the Ford Foundation, seeks to ...

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BLENDED VOICES: Building an Understanding of Torture, War Trauma & Violence through an African Lens

Between October 2020 and March 2021, CSVR hosted an online symposium entitled ‘Blended Voices: Building an Understanding of Torture, War Trauma and Violence Through an African Lens’. The Blended Voices symposium emerged from the extensive ...

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The Right To Rehabilitation Imbizo

The United Nation’s International Day in Support of Victims of Torture serves as a reminder to people that torture is a crime and should under no circumstances be excused or tolerated. The commemoration of this day gives ...

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Mob Justice Is a Language in South Africa

For residents of Plot 52 in the Zandspruit informal settlement and South Africa at large, the morning of May 19 2021 will not be soon forgotten. Right in front of children and community members, old and ...

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Documentaire: S'Engager avec le Traumatisme Collectif Post-Conflit

Ce documentaire partage des idées et des pratiques pour aborder le traumatisme collectif dans des contextes post-conflit. Le documentaire est issu de la Série de Webinaires du Symposium CSVR - Blended Voices: Building an Understanding ...

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Socioeconomic Oppression and the Need to Rethink Transitional Justice

In South Africa, organized survivors of apartheid violations have increasingly focused on socioeconomic issues. There are continuities, they note, between the colonial and apartheid past and the democratic present. While building on the work of ...

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