Truth Commissions

"Truth, Dare or Promise": Civil Society and the Proposed Commission on Truth and Reconciliation

This paper is concerned with the seemingly imminent issue of legislation to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, and with the related controversial issues of indemnification of past human rights perpetrators and ...

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Reconciliation and Civil Society

This paper explores the complexities of the reconciliation process and what it would take from an individualistic and societal perspective to have a successful transition.

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Rights, Reparations and Reconciliation: Some Comparative Notes

This paper explores issues relating to reparations for victims of past abuses. It offers an overview of truth commissions and reparations in Chile, Argentina and El Salvador.

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Proposed Legislation on Amnesty/Indemnity and the Establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

This submission is concerned with the issue of seemingly imminent "amnesty" legislation in South Africa, and with the related issues of public access to information relating to past human rights abuses during the apartheid era, ...

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Truth Recovery or McCarthyism Revisited: An Evaluation of the Stasi Records Act of 1991 with Reference to the South African Experience

This paper examines the fraught issue of access to the records of intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies. The dilemmas which this topic poses are at the cutting edge of the tensions between the rights ...

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