Urban Safety

Early Childhood Development Policies Can Strike at the Heart of Our Culture of Violence

The biggest issue to confront in dealing with violent crime is not organised groups of criminals or insurgents, but a normalisation of violence that infects interpersonal relationships in South Africa. Increasing police resources or deploying ...

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Mob Justice Is a Language in South Africa

For residents of Plot 52 in the Zandspruit informal settlement and South Africa at large, the morning of May 19 2021 will not be soon forgotten.Right in front of children and community members, old and ...

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Perpetrators and Protectors: Centering Family Relations in Addressing Violence in Poor Neighbourhoods

This report asks, ‘How and to what extent do families and kinship relations protect against, perpetrate and/or suffer from violence?’ The concern with understanding how families cope with violence in respectively protective and perpetrative ways ...

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Research Brief: What Drives Violence in South Africa

This research brief outlines the literature on drivers of violence in South Africa and then puts it in context by summarising views on violence among community members who work with CSVR in four local communities. ...

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Working for Safety: The Community Work Programme as a Tool for Preventing Violence and Building Safer Communities

The Community Work Programme (CWP) provides two days of work per week (up to 100 days per year) to unemployed and underemployed people. During the year April 2014 to March 2015 there were 202 599 ...

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How the Community Work Programme Can Reach Its Full Potential as an Instrument of Community Development in South Africa

CSVR has been involved in research on the CWP and its impact on violence and crime prevention since 2013. One of the first observations from this research was that there is a lot of variation ...

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