Violence in Transition

Disaster-Appropriate Policing in South Africa: Protests and State Violence in the COVID-19 Era

Militarisation refers to a process where societies (states, institutions, and citizens) prioritise, organise, prepare for and respond to threats or crises with military action or violence. This policy brief highlights how many countries across the ...

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SANDF Budget Cuts Threaten Hopes of SA Military Intervention in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado

The key question is whether South Africa is well positioned to provide military assistance to Mozambique in light of these cuts, especially with the former expected to play a leading role in the intervention in ...

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Returning to One Another: Easing Engagement About Things That Matter (A Treasure Trove of Ideas and Exercises to Build Community and Hold Conversations That Matter)

This paper contains a selection of the important substantive concepts and theoretical underpinnings of the Learning Series. The series was conceived out of the collaboration between the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation ...

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Political Transition and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe

This article draws on research conducted in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe that focused on violence in the context of political transition. The paper examines the relation between political transition and sexual and gender-based violence ...

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Homophobia, Injustice and 'Corrective Rape' in Post-Apartheid South Africa

This report offers a critique of the terms ‘corrective rape’ and ‘curative rape’ and argues for careful and nuanced application of the concept of ‘hate crimes’. The report focuses on a particular, individual life history ...

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The Power of Naming: 'Senseless Violence' and Violent Law in Post-Apartheid South Africa

This report focuses on vigilantism, on the practice of ‘necklacing’ as a form of punishment, and on police violence in South Africa post-apartheid. The report engages with a series of questions about how popular forms ...

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