Violence Prevention

Geography and Sexual Violence: Mapping Rape in Johannesburg

This paper explores how urban design and maintenance may impact upon rape. The article also highlights how a geography of sexual violence can be mapped. It concludes that different urban environmental design and better use ...

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The Peculiar Temporality of Violence

This paper argues that it is not violence and its destructive consequences that are causally effective or the "instrument of power," but rather our narratives about violence that we construct after the event of violence.

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Community Safety and Community Policing: Achieving Local and National Accountability

This essay draws on the concept of embedded policing to argue that community safety rather than community policing must be achieved through the proliferation of civil ordering and injury prevention programmes. This should be coordinated ...

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Overcoming Violence: The Role of Business

What is the nature of violence? Where does it come from and what motivates those who perpetrate it? And what can business do to protect itself and its employees from the ravages of violence? With ...

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Jack-asses and Jackrollers: Rediscovering Gender in Understanding Violence

This paper examines violence and its explanations in contemporary South Africa, with a focus on gender.

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Violence and Social Change: Some Effects on the Workplace and Some Possible Solutions

This paper attempts to deal with the question of what business and Human Resource practitioners can do in regard to the rather complex problem of workplace violence. It notes that the effects of traumatic experiences ...

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