Violent Trends

Explaining Endemic Violence in South Africa

This paper demonstrates that the search for mono-causal explanations of violence in South Africa is fruitless. The convenient terms in which the violence has been labelled, by politicians and the commercial media, often does more ...

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Perceptions and Fear of Crime: The Alexandra Community Crime Survey

This paper draws on interviews held in October and November 1991 with 34 residents of Alexandra and 18 key informants associated with defence, policing, health and welfare, education and the administration of the township. The ...

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Some Psychological Factors to Consider in Strikes, Collective Violence and the Killing of Non-Strikers

This paper considers some of the psychological factors leading up to strikes and explores some of the psychological variables which contribute to collective violence and the killing of non-strikers in particular.

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The Human Face of Violence: Hostel Dwellers Speak

This paper, which contains excerpts from interviews with hostel dwellers, seeks to unveil some of the reasons behind their participation, and so presents the 'human face of violence.' It attempts to contextualise direct questions about ...

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