Youth Violence

The Youth Month: Reflections on How Far We Have Come in Transforming Access to Higher Education in South Africa

The month of June is dubbed the youth month as we commemorate Youth Day on June 16.  This commemoration is an opportunity to reflect on the historical significance of the occasion, the contribution of youth ...

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Advancing Youth Inclusion and Violence Prevention through Public Support Programmes

State-run socio-economic and livelihood support programmes have been shown to increase the social inclusion of young people and thereby contribute to the prevention of violence involving youth. This practice brief outlines strategies for civil society ...

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Kenya Youth Empowerment and Opportunities Project Good Idea but Not All Inclusive

Social scientists and policymakers alike have shown that youth empowerment programmes can act as a catalyst for social inclusion and consequently help reduce youth violence. However, data from research done by the Centre for Human Rights ...

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To be Someone: Status Insecurity and Violence in South Africa

The subsequent monograph presents a number of key theories as to the causes of violence among young people in South Africa. It does not attempt to provide a single, definitive solution to the problem but ...

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Situational Analysis of Boksburg Youth Centre: Sexual Violence in Prison Pilot Project (Dec 2004 – Jan 2005) Survey Report

This report details the results of a piece of research or “situational analysis” that aimed to gather information mainly on issues related to violence, sex and sexual violence as experienced by the young men held ...

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Vuka S'hambe: Young Prisoners' Awakening

In 1999 CSVR undertook a project called 'The Voices of Young Offenders' which involved 24 offenders incarcerated at Leeuwkop prison. This research study investigated some of the reasons these youth ended up in jail, their ...

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