The Influence of Gender on Research: A Critique of Two Victim Surveys

The Influence of Gender on Research: A Critique of Two Victim Surveys

Considered crucial to the control and prevention of crime, victim surveys have proliferated over the last couple of years. But do these studies adequately take gender into account in terms of their methodology, analysis and writing up? This short article explores the question by evaluating two recent victim surveys, one conducted within the municipal boundaries of the Johannesburg Transitional Metropolitan Council, and the other nationally.


The Influence of Gender on Research
Lisa Vetten
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Lisa Vetten is the former manager of the Gender Programme at the Centre for the study of Violence and Reconciliation. In 2013 she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Political Studies (cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her dissertation was entitled 'Deserving and undeserving women: A case study of South African policy and legislation addressing domestic violence.

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