The Limits of Police Reform

The Limits of Police Reform

Dramatic developments in South African politics since mid-1991 put the spotlight on the critical role of the security forces in a transitional period of reform. Previous issues include media revelations of collusion between the security establishment and the lnkatha Freedom Party, biased policing of the violence and the reshuffle of the key Law & Order and Defence portfolios. To complement Clifford Shearing's review of the draft Peace Accord unveiled in August 1991, Janine Rauch evaluates previous institutional reforms within the South African police.


The Limits of Police Reform
Janine Rauch
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Janine Rauch, an independent consultant, is the former Director of a technical advisory facility designed to Strengthen the Uganda Government's Anti-Corruption Response (SUGAR). She obtained her MPhil Criminology from Cambridge University and Post Graduate Diploma Monitoring & Evaluation Methods Monitoring & Evaluation Methods from Stellenbosch University.

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