Traumatic Stress Update (volume 1, number 3)

Traumatic Stress Update (volume 1, number 3)

This issue of the Traumatic Stress Update is attempting to encourage knowledge generation in a number of different forms. Our receptionist and professional intaker, Mosima Selemela gives an account of how being a receptionist at a trauma clinic differs from being a receptionist elsewhere and a few of the skills and traits that are important in her work. Monica Bandeira, our senior researcher, gives us a preview of the article that she has submitted to Torture Journal, and Pravilla Naicker, our community facilitator presents us with a portion of the article that she is planning on submitting to the Transitional Justice journal. Megan Bantjes provides us with an update on the South Africa No Torture Consortium activities and includes how they are generating knowledge in their consortium. We also include an update of Monitoring and Evaluation of TTP's clinical services with survivors of torture.


Dominique Dix-Peek
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Dominique Dix-Peek is the Knowledge and Learning Manager at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR).

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