Traumatic Stress Update (volume 2, number 1)

Traumatic Stress Update (volume 2, number 1)

The first article included in this issue of Traumatic Stress Update (TSU) is based on an interview that Megan Bantjes – the Community Work Coordinator – held with two of our Community Facilitators. It provides an outline of our project that aims to uphold and promote the psychosocial and health rights of forced migrants who have experienced violence and gross human rights violations. We then give an update on the analysis of our Monitoring and Evaluation of Torture survivors from January to June 2011, as well as the abstracts of papers presented at the Seminar on Continuous Trauma held in Cape Town in June.


Dominique Dix-Peek
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Dominique Dix-Peek is the Knowledge and Learning Manager at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR).

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