Urban Crime and Violence in South Africa

Urban Crime and Violence in South Africa

This document presents a brief analysis of urban crime in South Africa. Three fundamental facts underpin this analysis. Firstly there are many different kinds of crime, requiring many different types of intervention. Secondly there is no single cause of crime, so it is necessary to understand the linked social, economic, political and psychological causes in order to prevent it. And lastly crime statistics are notoriously unreliable, so simple statistical analysis may hide as much as it reveals. To develop effective solutions, crime and its causes must be disaggregated.


Urban Crime and Violence in South Africa
Graeme Simpson
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Graeme Simpson, Co-founder of CSVR and former Executive Director, is an experienced peacebuilder with international expertise in violence, reconciliation and transitional justice. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from The University of the Witwatersrand, Master's degree History from the University of The Witwatersrand and BA Hons History; African Politics; Industrial sociology from The University of the Witwatersrand.

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