Victims' Perspectives About the Human Rights Violations Hearings

Victims' Perspectives About the Human Rights Violations Hearings

What is justice? Is it something absolute that thus requires absolute and unconditional pursuit? How much truth can a society bear and afford? This research report seeks to contribute to answering these question by evaluating the public Human Rights Violations (HRV) hearings. The aim of this study was to explore the experience of victims who testified at the public hearings of the Human Rights Violations Committee, their evaluation of their participation and its long-term impact on their lives. It seeks to engage both immediate reactions at the time of the hearing with reflections on how deponents view the experience within the broader context of interaction with the TRC.


Ruth Picker
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Ruth Picker is a psychologist and researcher at the Institute for Social Research and Analysis (SORA) in Vienna, Austria. She worked as an intern at CSVR.

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