War and Resistance

War and Resistance

This paper reflects on how the Committee on South African War Resistance (COSAWR) and its 'resister' thinking impacted on the African National Congress. It opened up the terrain of the military to contest and helped the movement understand militarisation. Before COSAWR and 'resister,' the issue had been discussed in anti-apartheid circles, but no strategy had emerged, possibly because no-one could gauge whether the white community would be receptive. 


War and Resistance
Janine Rauch
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Janine Rauch, an independent consultant, is the former Director of a technical advisory facility designed to Strengthen the Uganda Government's Anti-Corruption Response (SUGAR). She obtained her MPhil Criminology from Cambridge University and Post Graduate Diploma Monitoring & Evaluation Methods Monitoring & Evaluation Methods from Stellenbosch University.

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